Newer, orderly rows of Napolitanke

You either dip them in milk or eat them without additions. Their rows "disappear" in order, and their layers are separated into the finest sheets. Shared with friends, taken to visits, and bought for our own sweet tooth. They are the most famous waffle in this area and now come in new formats and redesigned packaging. Yes, they are one and only - Kraš's Napolitanke wafers.

Always a classic, built on tradition but redesigned for the future. The popular Napolitanke chocolate cream kept its characteristic orange color packaging while the Napolitanke hazelnut - with a hazelnut filling replaced its light blue finish with a brick-colored version this fall. Fruit Napolitanke lemon orange is as fresh as lemon in its yellow color, and Napolitanka hazelnut with no added sugar comes in a dark green variant.
Napolitanke cocoa & milk with cocoa wafer and milk filling now come in light blue, and Napolitanke cocoa & choco with dark waffle and chocolate filling reveals its cocoa side at first glance.

The 327-gram box contains three packagings of individual flow packs that will keep your Napolitanka fresh. So you can eat one package of crunchiness and happiness every day. And when you don't even know whether you need the smallest package of 93 grams or one of 327 grams, take the line of least resistance and sweeten yourself with chocolate cream, nougat, lemon orange, or cocoa & milk Napolitanke in a new 187 grams package.

All in all, in different sizes, in different colors, find the new-good-old Neapolitanke in your nearest store and enjoy their taste and freshness.

Napolitanke, ispod PR-a